About what we do…

Planning Application

Planning is applied to the real world through zoning and subdividing land which helps shape our communities. The Development Services division of the Regional Planning Agency oversees the zoning and subdivision application and review processes for the City of Chattanooga and unincorporated Hamilton County as well as East Ridge, Lookout Mountain, Lakesite, Ridgeside, and Walden.

Property Rezoning Requests

Through zoning, our community is divided into districts or zones which regulate building size, building placement, residential density and the way land is used. Zoning is local law passed either by ordinance or resolution. A request to rezone property is made through the RPA. It is a request to change local law and must be approved by the elected legislative bodies.

Land Subdivision Requests

Subdivision regulation is a tool used to influence the layout of lots and streets and coordinate the construction of public infrastructure to support homes and businesses. A request to subdivide land is made through the RPA. A subdivision plat follows an administrative process that must be approved by the Planning Commission.