The RPA has divided Hamilton County into 13 areas for planning purposes. These Area Plans provide guidance for new development, zoning changes, capital improvements, and conservation. Area Plans are adopted by the Planning Commission and the relevant legislative body. Each Area Plan also includes a Place Types map that establishes a vision for the different types and character of development recommended.

Plans for the following 3 areas have been completed.

    Area 3   – Historic River-to-Ridge

    Area 11 – East Brainerd

    Area 12 – White Oak Mountain

Over the next two years, plans for the remaining ten areas will be created. (The Area 12 Plan will also be updated based on new development that has occurred since the Plan’s adoption.) Two teams of consultants have been hired to work with the RPA, and the community, in developing these new Area Plans. One consultant team will focus on the Area Plans located within the City of Chattanooga. The other consultant team will focus on the Area Plans in the unincorporated portions of Hamilton County. The smaller municipalities within Hamilton County will also be invited to participate in this process and will have access to all the data and analysis. See or


“Area Plans provide recommendations for land use & transportation policies.  Once adopted…. policies established for these areas will guide physical development & future land use.”


Early in 2023, online surveys were used to poll the community about the key issues facing each Area.

Each Area Plan will include a thorough analysis of the following.

Natural Resources, Parks & Greenways
Growth & Development

A Market Analysis, being conducted in the first few months of 2023, for all of Hamilton County also informed the Area Plans.

Public meetings were held in each Area, during the spring and summer of 2023, to present the results of the analysis, and to obtain feedback from the community about potential growth scenarios.

Once completed, each Area Plan will be presented to the Hamilton County Commission or the Chattanooga City Council for adoption.

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