In 2016, the RPA updated the countywide Comprehensive Plan – Renewing Our Vision. Its purpose is to provide guidance for responsible and proactive development decisions. The plan focuses onCompPlan physical development at a broad, countywide level. The plan’s recommendations and development policy are based on the unique context of the area, previous planning efforts, professional planning principles, current and projected socioeconomic data, public input, and an analysis of transportation infrastructure and natural resources.

The plan’s development policy establishes the appropriate level of development intensity across the county based on the presence of transportation, other infrastructure, and sensitive natural resources. The resulting Development Intensity Map (Make a link) serves as the beginning context for all Area Plans. The Comprehensive Plan also provides criteria for siting regionally-significant developments.

The plan’s recommendations are intended to achieve six overarching goals that are carried forward and serve as a general basis for subsequent Area Plans. These goals are intended to protect and create communities that are:

Graphic of Comprehensive Plan's six recommended goals: Complete, Connected, Healthy, Safe, Unique & Attractive, and Economically Vibrant


The Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2016, and two subsequent amended versions are available at the links below.

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