Staff Directory

Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency

Executive Director: Dan Reuter, FAICP
Phone number: (423) 643-5930



Director: Karen Rennich, RPA Deputy Director
Direct phone number:  (423) 643-5903
Department main number (423) 643-5900
Core Functions
  • RPA Work Program/Departmental Coordination
  • Staff Development
  • Budget, Finance, Payroll
  • Public Meeting Logistics Support
  • Agency Graphics/Web Support
TPO Functions
  • TPO Board/TCC Coordination
  • Unified Planning Work Program
  • Title VI Liaison
  • Grant Management/Quarterly Reports


Research and Analysis

Director:  Yuen Lee
Direct phone number:  (423) 643-5946
Department main number (423) 643-5900
Core Functions
  • Development and application of analytical tools (surveys, market studies, etc..)
  • Data collection/processing/ analysis
  • Model development and application
TPO Functions
  • Intelligent Transportation System
  • Congestion Management Process
  • Transportation Demand Model
  • Planning for Operations
  • Base Year and Future Year Projections


Strategic Long-Range Planning

Director:  Melissa Taylor
Direct phone number:  (423) 643-5944
Department main number (423) 643-5900
Core Functions
  • Regional plans (Regional Transportation Plan; Comprehensive Plan)
  • County Wide Planning : Open Spaces Plan; Natural Resources Protection Plan (examples)
  • Capital Budgeting Alignment to Comprehensive Plan/RTP
TPO Functions
  • Transportation Improvement Program; Public Participation Plan
  • Bike/Pedestrian/Transit Planning
  • Freight Movement Planning
  • Facilitating grants
  • Facilitate Georgia Advisory Committee
  • Multimodal Advisory Committee


Community Planning & Design

Director:  Karen Hundt
Direct phone number:  (423) 643-5913
Department main number (423) 643-5900
Core Functions
  • Community/Area Planning
  • Development review for proposals that require form/site-plan design review (Form Based Code/Historic Zoning)
  • Public space/street programming and design
  • Site/district redevelopment plans
  • Develop best practices for site design, street design, urban design


Development Services

Director:  Bryan Shults
Direct phone number:  (423) 643-5937
Department main number (423) 643-5902
Core Functions
  • Subdivision Review
  • Rezoning Case Application Coordination
  • Zoning Case Report Development
  • Planning Commission Administrative support
  • Zoning/Subdivision Ordinance Development
  • Technical Expert – Existing Development Review Processes
  • Maintain the Official Zoning Map(s)
  • Facilitate integration of TPO policies into development review