People, Places, Paths Connectivity Study


The RPA conducted the study People, Places, Paths as an extension of Renewing Our Vision: Comprehensive Plan Update 2030. One of the six goals outlined in the comprehensive plan is to build connected communities. The purpose of People, Places, Paths is to assess the current level and range of connectivity across Hamilton County, prioritize areas for building connectivity, identify physical barriers to building connectivity, begin to locate potential opportunities for building connectivity, and suggest ways in which this analysis can inform future planning projects. The report is currently being used by staff to inform review of rezoning requests and how place types are assigned in the RPA’s Area Plans and will be used for evaluating needs for the 2050 Regional Transportation Plan slated for kick-off in fall 2021 once the analysis is replicated for the north Georgia portion of the TPO’s Metropolitan Planning Area.

Final Technical Report, December 2018 click HERE

For more information, contact or call 423.643.5900 to be directed to a Strategic Long Range Planning staff person.