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  • Use the 3 drop down selectors at the top to look at development data by location and year. If you try to select two locations at the same time (planning area and jurisdiction), only the overlapping data will be shown. If there is no overlapping data, then no data will be shown.
  • Use your mouse to pan (left click and hold) or zoom (center scroll bar) around the map.
  • Use the 3 icons in the top right corner of the map to revert back to the default extent (left), view legend (middle), or change the basemap (right).
  • Select an individual data point on the map and the permit/subdivision/case information will appear in a pop up.
  • Hover over individual bars, pie slices, or points on the charts to see specific values.
  • Select individual bars, pie slices, or points on the charts to filter the data points on the map. You must select the bar, slice, or point again in order to deselect it.
  • Click on the button (3 lines) in the top right corner to see other links for further research.
  • Hover over a data box and a little circle with four arrows will appear in the top right corner. Click on it and the data box will become full screen. Click on it again to reverse the full screen mode.
  • Refreshing any of the dashboards will reset them to their original layout.

Currently, these Dashboards are updated quarterly. Please note that current year data is incomplete until the final quarter is included.

At this time, there is no way to download reports/data directly from any of these Dashboards.

These Dashboards were created using ESRI ArcGIS Dashboards.

Building Permits: Only new building permits were used for the Dashboard and include permits from 1/1/2006 to present. Building permits are collected from all municipalities (Chattanooga, Collegedale, East Ridge, Lakesite, Town of Lookout Mountain, Red Bank, Town of Signal Mountain, and Soddy-Daisy) within Hamilton County as well as the Hamilton County GIS Department (included permits from Unincorporated Hamilton County and Walden). Since building permits are collected from a variety of sources, sometimes permits from a specific Jurisdiction can be left out of a quarterly update due to data collection delays. For official data and details, please check with the individual Jurisdictions. Note that, starting in late 2008, permits for the City of Chattanooga are directly download from the Chattadata open data portal.

Subdivisions: Only new subdivisions with 5 or more lots were used for the Dashboard and include subdivision plats from 1/1/2006 to present. Subdivision plats are created based off of data from the Hamilton County Register of Deeds. Lot totals per subdivision are adjusted to account for plats that were superseded (or replaced by a new plat).

Zoning Cases: All closed zoning cases involving zoning changes, special permits, or planned unit developments (PUDs) present in the ZIMS database from 1/1/2002 to present are included in this dashboard.  The CHCRPA does not review zoning in the municipalities of Collegedale, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, or Soddy-Daisy so there will be no case data present in these areas.

Project Development Status: The project development status dashboard provides information on new developments in the Hamilton County area. Source data is from media announcements, developers, and new open zoning cases. The effective start date for cataloging is 1/1/2022 but some major recent developments announced prior to this date were included (The Bend, the South Broad/Wheland Pipe stadium site, Riverton (Lupton site), The Gateway (Red Wolves stadium site), and Mill Town in the East Main area) due to their scale.

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