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Federal Highway Administration and Federal Transit Administration along with co-sponsors Transportation Research Board and American Planning Association Award the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia TPO the 2015 Transportation Planning Excellence Award (TPEA) for 2040 Regional Transportation Plan.  More specifically, the TPO is one of eight recipients from a pool of 35 nominations.  View the press release here or visit the FHWA website here for a brief award of the project.  For more information on the performance measures cited in the award, download TRB’s publication of the Chattanooga 2040 RTP Performance-Framework:  Balancing Regional and Community Needs here.  A public friendly version of the full Plan is available here or scroll down on this page to view Volume I, the full plan document.

  • 2015 Transportation Planning Excellence Awards Program – Two Part Webinar SeriesThe webinars will be presented in a two-part series showcasing the eight 2015 TPEA Program Winners. The first series features four of the eight award recipients. The second series will feature the remaining four recipients. Both webinars are for internal and external audiences.
  • Please note that Melissa Taylor will be representing the 2015 TPEA Program winner, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North GA Transportation Planning Organization (CHCNGA TPO) during the PART I Webinar on Wednesday, August 26, 2015.
  • There are two upcoming Transportation Planning Information Exchange Webinars sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Planning and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Office of Planning and Environment. The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards (TPEA) Program is a biennial awards program led by FHWA and FTA and co-sponsored by the American Planning Association (APA). The program provides a unique opportunity to recognize and celebrate the outstanding transportation planning practices performed by planners and decision-makers in communities across the country.


2040 RTP Amendment

2018 Addendum - Performance Based Planning and Performance Management

3rd/4th Street RTP Amendment

2040 RTP Adjustment

SR 317/Bonny Oaks Drive Adjustment

2040 RTP & CDR Amendment

CDR CHCRPA 2040RTP Vol 2 8-15-2016

Enterprise South Amendment

November 12, 2013

Volume II Air Quality Conformity Determination Report

The plan itself can be found below. Please contact the TPO at tpo@chattanooga.gov or at (423) 643-5900 with any questions or comments.

November 5, 2013

Volume I 2040 Regional Transportation Plan

The plan itself and supporting documentation can be found below.  Please contact the TPO at tpo@chattanooga.gov or at (423) 643-5900 with any questions or comments.

March 13, 2013

Leadership Symposium

The team hosted another amazing Transportation Leadership Symposium today!  The meeting was held at The Chattanoogan Hotel from 8:15-11:30 AM (get a copy of the agenda here).  There were over 57 participants and we received a lot of positive comments about the presentation (get a copy PDF version here or PPT version here).  Maps and handouts to accompany the presentation were provided to each participant (get your copies here or larger scale maps here) and the results of the push-button polling questions embedded in the presentation can be obtained here.  Staff will be issuing an online survey with the same questions and the presentation to those that were unable to attend the Symposium to ensure all stakeholders have an opportunity to vote on their priorities.  The team will also gather input on some of the polling questions from the general public sometime next month.

March 4, 2013

Public Survey

A public questionnaire was developed to identify the transportation needs and desires of the community for the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan. The questionnaire was open for approximately four months, and gained more than 450 responses. Print and on-line versions of the questionnaire were available in English and Spanish. The questionnaire provided an opportunity for the public to comment on a range of transportation issues, including specific roadways needing improvement, preferences related to walking, biking, transit, and preferred methods for additional funding. The document in link below summarizes the responses received from the questionnaires.

Public Survey Summary


January 29, 2013

January Community Advisory Committee, Core Technical Team, and TPO policy members Workshop

The 2040 RTP Team held an all day workshop on Tuesday, January 29, 2013 to provide information and obtain feedback and input on the Plan’s Performance Measures for project evaluation and new process for the 2014-2017Transportation Improvement Program which will reflect the new “Community to Region” framework of the 2040 Plan.  Click here to view the agenda.  Below are the topics that were discussed for each session.

Performance Measures Session (click here to view the presentation):

  • Performance Measurement Categories
  • Selecting Performance Measures
  • Systems and Project Level Measures
  • Calculation Methods for Project Level Measures
  • Scoring Projects
  • Weighting Performance Measures
  • Project Evaluation
  • Alternative Analysis (“Bypasses and New Connections”, “Big Transit”, “Blend of the Best”)

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Session (click here to view the presentation):

  • Existing TIP Process
  • Review of Other MPO TIP Processes
  • Changes for the development of new 2014-2017 TIP


The next RTP event will be the 2nd Leadership Symposium tentatively scheduled for the end of February.


November 6, 2012

2040 RTP October Events

The 2040 RTP Team held a series of public workshops, stakeholder interviews, and committee meetings October 22-23, 2012.  These included the following:

  • Community Advisory Committee (CAC) and Core Technical Team (CTT) meetings #2
  • Public Workshops in Soddy-Daisy, Fort Oglethorpe, Downtown Chattanooga, and Collegedale
  • Interviews with stakeholders related to Quality of Life, Service Provision, and Economic Development

During the committee meetings and public workshops, the RTP Team revealed the “Community to Region” performance framework that will be used to evaluate projects submitted for the Plan.  This framework represents a new way of planning transportation investments.  Projects will fall into one of three categories:

  1. Within Community (Goal:  Build and maintain safe and healthy communities)
  2. Community to Region (Goal:  Connect communities in the region by providing multimodal travel options to activity and economic centers)
  3. Region to Region (Goal:  Grow economic opportunity through strategic investment in critical regional infrastructure)

This framework acknowledges the importance of neighborhood connectivity as well as regional access.  With the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, projects will be evaluated within their category, so smaller projects designed to improve access to community resources will not be competing against major regional projects.

The Team also presented 6 Needs that the Plan must address:  Congestion, System Preservation, Safety and Security, Active Transportation, Transit Alternatives, and Climate Resilience.

View the presentation here.

The October round of RTP events followed several committee meetings and public meetings held over the summer. The summary from October meetings will be added soon.


Climate Change Adaptation Workshop Held for Agency Staff

September 17th, the 2040 RTP Team held a Climate Change Adaptation and Transportation Resiliency workshop for state and local agency staff.  View slideshow here.


Land Use Modeling Webinar Available

RPA Planning Analyst Tim Moreland held a webinar on Sept. 13th to explain how land use modeling will assist in thinking about how growth and development may occur in the future, and how this impacts our transportation planning. Agency staff and committee members attended.  Click here to view the webinar.


Questionnaire Closed

The public questionnaire for the 2040 Regional Transportation Plan closed October 31st, 2012, and gained more than 450 responses.   The questionnaire provided opportunity for comment on a range of transportation issues, including specific roadways needing improvement and preferences related to walking, biking, transit, and preferred methods for additional funding.   Members of the public can still submit comments or questions through our comment form, which will remain open for the duration of the Plan process.


Leadership Symposium Generates Excitement Among Regional Leaders

Well attended with over 80 regional leaders, the Regional Transportation Plan Leadership Symposium on August 23, 2012, was a great success. Leaders teamed up in small groups to discuss transportation challenges and opportunities as well as envision and map their own mini transportation plan for the year 2040. These maps were displayed at the public Open House that evening, which more than 30 area citizens attended. Visit our facebook page to see photos from the Leadership Symposium, or check out the groups’ maps here. The presentation from the event is accessible in PDF format.


August 1, 2012

The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) on behalf of the area’s Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is developing a Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) that identifies a mobility vision and sets priorities for the next 20+ years. This 2040 Plan will guide future transportation investment decisions for our region, ultimately impacting the region’s economic competitiveness, transportation mobility, environmental greenprint, public health, and the quality of existing infrastructure.  We want this to be an informed process and need you, as a citizen and stakeholder, to be involved to help us meet your needs and provide the choices you desire. 

As we grow there are more and more reasons to think strategically about our transportation investments to ensure a thriving economy, retain our nationally recognized natural character, maintain a high quality of life for all our citizens, and make the most with less.

Early in the planning process, the public helps establish goals for the plan, so please fill out the public questionnaire online here or download the printable form to mail to us.  With aging infrastructure, energy concerns, access and connectivity issues, and costly health problems from less physical activity and air pollution, which transportation issues are most important to you?   Please answer these 16 questions to tell us what you think about the region’s transportation now, and what you want for the future.

View the Plan’s Community Advisory Committee and Core Technical Team herehere. Please let us know if there is an organization or agency you feel is not represented that should be, and we will reach out to them!

Have additional comments?  Send us your thoughts!

All public meeting notices will be posted on this site, but for regular updates and opportunities to get involved, follow us on facebook.



2035 Transportation Plan

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