Draft Chattanooga Interactive ITS Architecture – PLANNING

The regional ITS architecture is an integral part of the planning process, providing a structured way to translate operational objectives and strategies into an interconnected set of ITS projects. This page identifies the planning objectives and strategies that are supported by the regional ITS architecture.

Number Type Statement
01 Objective Expand Freeway Surveillance and Traveler Information
02 Objective Improve Freeway Traffic Operations
03 Objective Develop Plans for Events That Disrupt Traffic
04 Objective Divert Wrong Way Drivers
05 Objective Assist Stranded Motorists Along Freeways
06 Objective Improve Inter–State Coordination
07 Objective Improve Railroad Crossing Operations
08 Objective Protect Local Bridges and Tunnels
09 Objective Deploy Systems in Operationally Critical Locations
10 Objective Improve Interagency Traffic Signal Coordination
11 Objective Expand Traffic Signal System Capabilities
12 Objective Deploy Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems
13 Objective Improve Regional Transportation Data Storage
14 Objective Deploy an Integrated Mobility Payment System
15 Objective Improve Tracking of Agency Vehicles
16 Objective Prioritize Transit Vehicle Mobility
17 Objective Collect More Robust Transit Data
18 Objective Invest in Transit Capital Improvements
19 Objective Provide Responders with ITS Resources


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