Public Outreach 11/9/17

A public meeting was held on November 9th, 2017 to review the work that has been completed thus far for the 2045 RTP, and to present the draft project rankings that will be used in determining a final list of projects that will be included in the plan. Comments will be taken on the draft project list through December 31st, 2017. TPO staff will address comments and develop a fiscally constrained project list that includes all projects that are anticipated to receive funding during the life of the plan (2017-2045). The draft fiscally constrained project list will be presented for approval at early 2018 TCC and TPO Board meetings.  During the next few months, staff and the consultant team will begin developing a preliminary draft of the plan document. Following this step, the draft plan will be by presented for approval at subsequent TCC and TPO Board meetings. We look forward to hearing your comments on the draft project list, and look forward to your involvement in reviewing the draft plan as it becomes available.


Draft Project Rankings

To submit a comment on the draft project rankings, please send an email:


Public Meeting Presentation and Display Boards:

Transportation and Land Use Open House ​3/30/17

As a follow up to the November Transportation and Land Use Workshop, the RTP staff and consultant team further evaluated and analyzed travel demand management strategies. In doing this work, the consultant team created a Microsoft Excel-based calculator for local government staff and developers to use in future land development planning and specific development projects. The materials from the open house and the calculator can be found here.

Public Outreach 11/2/16 & 11/3/16

The first round of public meetings and workshops for the 2045 RTP were held in early November and provided stakeholders with analysis on existing conditions in the region. The plan will continue to leverage the vision for the region that was established in the previous plan, but the new existing conditions information will be used to evaluate whether future investment scenarios are properly addressing the goals of the plan. The new plan will also continue to evaluate projects in a context sensitive manner that aligns evaluation of projects with their intended purpose based on three categories:

  1. Within Community (Goal: Build and maintain safe and healthy communities)
  2. Community to Region (Goal: Connect communities in the region by providing multimodal travel options to activity and economic centers)
  3. Region to Region (Goal: Grow economic opportunity through strategic investment in critical regional infrastructure)


The November public outreach included:

Public Meetings for the 2045 RTP –

  • 11/2/16 – Meetings held in Ringold, GA and Soddy Daisy, TN
  • 11/3/16 – Meetings held in Collegedale, TN and the TPO Offices at 1250 Market St


See the Public Meeting Presentation and Display Boards:

  1. 2040 RTP Roadway Project List

  2. 2040 Transit and Bike Ped Projects

  3. System Preservation

  4. Draft Revenue Projections

  5. Bicycle Level of Comfort

  6. Land Use Intensity

  7. Safety

  8. Freight Network


Partners Kick-off Meeting 8/24/16

Local, State, and Federal partners commenced the planning process to update the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia Transportation Planning Organization’s (TPO) long range Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) for the year 2045. The presentation provided to the partners and the TPO can be viewed here. A draft project schedule may also be downloaded here.

For further information, please contact Melissa Taylor at (423) 643-5900 or