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Chattanooga Urban Area Bicycle Facilities Master Plan

Bike It and Like It or Rack 'N' Ride

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Join us for a ride the last Friday of each month!

Destination Miller Park by 8 AM

Free Continental Breakfast

Meet at one of three convenient locations

or choose your own route &
we'll see you there @ 8 AM


Introduction to Chattanooga's Bikeway Newsletter

also including Phase I Bikeway Improvements




East Chattanooga
(Health South Parking Lot)

Guide: Colleen Carboni
Meeting Time: 7 AM
Distance: 3.5 Miles

Coolidge Park
(Coolidge Parking Lot)

Guide: Ben Taylor
Meeting. Time: 7:15
Distance: 2.5 Miles

St. Elmo
(Incline Parking Lot)

Guide: Daisy Blanton
Meeting Time: 7 AM
Distance: 3.0 Miles







For more information contact Melissa Dickinson at: (423) 643-5900


Development Resource Center, Suite 2000
1250 Market Street 
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37402

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