Collect Traffic Surveillance Functional Area


Management of traffic sensors and surveillance (CCTV) equipment, collection of current traffic conditions, and distribution of the collected information to other centers and operators.

Included In

TDOT Region 2 TMC - Chattanooga
THP District 2 Office
GDOT Atlanta TMC
Georgia NaviGAtor System
City of Chattanooga TOC
City of East Ridge TOC
City of Red Bank TOC
City of Soddy Daisy TOC
Municipal TOC
GDOT District 6 Dalton/Whitfield TCC
GDOT District 6 Dalton Area Office

Functional Requirements

1The center shall monitor, analyze, and store traffic sensor data (speed, volume, occupancy) collected from field elements under remote control of the center.
2The center shall monitor, analyze, and distribute traffic images from CCTV systems under remote control of the center.
3The center shall monitor, analyze, and store multimodal crossing and high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane sensor data under remote control of the center.
4The center shall distribute road network conditions data (raw or processed) based on collected and analyzed traffic sensor and surveillance data to other centers.
5The center shall respond to control data from center personnel regarding sensor and surveillance data collection, analysis, storage, and distribution.
6The center shall maintain a database of surveillance and sensors and the freeways, surface street and rural roadways, e.g. where they are located, to which part(s) of the network their data applies, the type of data, and the ownership of each link (that is, the agency or entity responsible for collecting and storing surveillance of the link) in the network.
7The center shall support an interface with a map update provider, or other appropriate data sources, through which updates of digitized map data can be obtained and used as a background for traffic data.