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Alton Park

Alton Park Land Use Plan Update

Alton Park Presentation

In April 2008, Chattanooga City Council requested the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency (RPA) conduct an update to the Alton Park Land Use Plan adopted in 2000. 

On June 30, 2008 the Comprehensive Planning Division held an open-house meeting at the Southside Community Health Center in an effort to obtain from residents, property owners, and stakeholders their vision and ideas on the future development of the Alton Park Community.  Residents, property owners, and stakeholders in attendance at the open-house meeting were asked to complete surveys on the following six (6) community components: Housing, Commercial, Industrial, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, and Natural Environment.

The draft plan was presented to the community August 27, 2009.  The format of this well-attended meeting was a combination of a presentation (Click here for PDF) and display boards.  This format allowed one-on-one discussion with community members and other stakeholders.

Staff incorporated public comments into the draft plan and made that draft available in mid-October. In order to allow the community time to review the draft and pass along their comments, the plan will not be presented to the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission until their December meeting. This public meeting will be held at the Hamilton County Courthouse, 4th Floor, at 1:00 pm on Monday, December 14th. We encourage all stakeholders to attend. 


Download the Alton Park / Piney Woods Draft Plan below:

Plan is in Draft Form and does not include some pictures and maps and is not formatted as a final document.

Your input is important to the development of this plan. We welcome your questions, comments, or corrections.

Questions/Comments? Please contact Bryan Shults, Senior Planner, Comprehensive Planning Division at (423) 643-5900 or via email at Shults_B@mail.chattanooga.gov.



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