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Peer Review Process


Thank you for your willingness to participate in our peer review process. The Chattanooga and Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency (CHCRPA) is excited about having your expert insight as we begin to update our models and work towards a truly integrated land use and travel demand model. Below you will find some information to provide some background on our model development. Please contact Yuen Lee (at if you have any questions or need any additional information. We will keep a listing of the questions and our responses on this website for the benefit of the other panelists as we prepare for the May 23rd peer review.

Our Five Peer Review Purposes

  • To establish the best appropriate model design structure for the Travel Demand Model (TDM)
  • To identify critical activities and milestones for the Travel Demand Model update
  • To identify critical activities and milestones for the creation of the Land Use Model (LUM) that will inform/guide revisions to the TDM
  • To identify critical activities and milestones for interaction between the Land Use and the Travel Demand Models
  • To evaluate the level of consultant involvement needed to achieve the scope work for the TDM and LUM update to ensure calibration  to federal standards and optimize technological transfer for the RPA staff.

Land Use and Travel Demand Integration

CHCRPA has been working to increase its modeling capabilities and started its model update process in 2009. The initial phase of this process was an extensive data collection effort. The data collection effort flowchart document below provides an overview of the efforts to date. Two modelers, one land use and one travel demand, were hired to assist with the development and then integration of the land use model with the travel demand model. The desire to integrate transportation and land use planning is further reflected in the recent reorganization of CHCRPA and has top level support from the executive director.

Main Documents

- Peer Review Agenda
- Peer Review Presentation
- Data Collection Efforts Flowchart
- Questions for Panelists

Supporting Documentation and
Data Collection Efforts

- Central Hamilton County Scenario Planning Study (New)
- Travel Demand Model Documentation
- Land Use Model Information (Updated)
- Household Travel Survey (Finish June 2011)
- External O&D Data (Data Collection 2010 -2011, final report June 2011)
- Supplemental Traffic Counts (December 2010 and January 2011, final report June 2011)
- Travel Times/Speeds along Congestion Management Plan Routes  (Data Collection 2010, final report June 2011)
- Bike and Pedestrian Counts (Interim report May 2011. Data collection in process)
- TPO Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
- Freight Study (New) (Report June 2011)
- On-board Transit Survey (Data collection November 2010, Interim report May 2011, final report July 2011)
- Update TAZ Demographics with new base year and new future horizon years (Interim results and report
  September 2011)

- TAZ Boundary Delineation Methodology
- Regional Land Use Survey - no report available
- Regional Building Permit Data - completed for years 2000-2010, no report available
- Regional Subdivision Data - completed for years 2000-2010, no report available

Peer Review Panelists


Please send questions about the peer review process or model development documentation to We will post the questions and our replies here for the benefit of other panelists. Keep checking back for updates.



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