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Planning Assistance

In Progress

Brainerd Mission Park
The RPA provided assistance to the City of Chattanooga Mayor’s office in developing ideas and concepts for a proposed new park at the site of the old Brainerd Mission cemetery near Eastgate Town Center.  RPA continues to assist groups in their efforts with this site.


Brainerd Road Corridor Study

The RPA is responding to a request from City Council this year to conduct a Corridor Study for Brainerd Road. This study would draw from recommendations made in previous studies and reports and make necessary additions or changes to better address land use and related issues.

The Corridor Study included a conceptual streetscape and/or revitalization plan for Brainerd Road.  The Corridor Study has not been submitted to the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission, or the Chattanooga City Council for their review.  The Corridor Study included pictures, visualizations, and artist renderings to provide the community with a very general visualization of the typical elements generally included within a streetscape and revitalization concept plan. 

Signal Mountain Middle School Site Reuse Charrette

The Regional Planning Agency organize and conducted an open house on May 7-8, 2008 to collect ideas regarding the potential reuse of the Signal Mountain Middle School property.   This well-attended event gathered written comments and sketches/diagrams on desired uses along with feedback on a visual preference survey regarding building types, scale, and uses that could be appropriate at this location.

Randall Arendt lecture and workshop (2007)

CompPlan 2030 Video

Staff partnered with UTC Television Studio to produce a video of the countywide CompPlan 2030 at no cost.  This 12 minute video showcases the planning principles and goals found in the plan along with interviews from a variety of community leaders and stakeholders.  The video is intended to be used at community meetings and other public forums to better explain the county’s planning goals and is available on the agency’s webpage or on DVD. 

US Pipe Property
The Comprehensive Planning staff was asked by Mayor Littlefield in December, 2005 to coordinate with Chattanooga Public Works, RiverCity, and the Lyndhurst Foundation to put together a background information packet for the U.S. Pipe and Wheland properties. The information packet was intended to help jumpstart a comprehensive development plan for the site.

The Comprehensive Planning division provided staff to assist with project management for the Chattanooga Area Signage & Wayfinding Program. Phase I of the program, covering the North Shore, Riverfront, and Bluff View districts is complete.


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