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Transportation Improvement Program

As a condition to receiving Federal project funds, the TIP must list all highway and public transit transportation projects proposed for funding under Title 23 (highways) and Title 49 (transit) of the US Code. It also must contain state and locally funded regionally significant transportation projects regardless of funding source. The TIP includes state and local roadway, bridge, bicycle, pedestrian, safety and public transportation (transit) projects. Project related activities, such as PE (Preliminary Engineering), ROW (Right of Way) and CONST (construction) are eligible for roadways, etc. and capital and operating expenses for public transit. The TIP covers a four-year period and is based on funds, which are reasonably expected to be available for project implementation.

The TIP serves as a document to provide a reasonable opportunity for all citizens and interested parties to review and comment concerning the development of the TIP and the intent to fund specific projects.



  FY 2016 Obligated List of Projects

  2017-2020 Transportation Improvement Program Document - Final


fy 2017-2020 tip
amendments adjustments





2014-2017 Transportation Improvement Program

fy 2014-2017 tip
amendments adjustments




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   Georgia STIP

   Tennessee STIP


  Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) Archive Documents

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