Architecture Scope

The scope of the Regional ITS Architecture can be described in terms of: 1) the size of the region and jurisdictions covered (geographic scope), 2) the planning or time horizon, and 3) the variety of transportation services that are covered. This scope is defined in the context of adjacent and overlapping Regional ITS Architectures.


Regional ITS Architecture for the Chattanooga Region. 

Note: This Turbo Architecture database contains all of the primary elements of the Chattanooga Regional ITS Architecture document with the exception of Section 5 - Use and Maintenance of the Regional ITS Architecture. Section 5 of the Chattanooga Regional ITS Architecture document includes a discussion on incorporating the Regional ITS Architecture into the regional planning process and emphasizes the importance of ensuring that ITS projects included in the Transportation Improvement Plan conform to the Regional ITS Architecture. Section 5 also describes the process for maintaining and updating the Regional ITS Architecture. The Chattanooga-Hamilton County RPA will lead the maintenance efforts and a goal was set to maintain changes to the Regional ITS Architecture on a yearly basis in coordination with a review of the ITS Deployment Plan, and perform a major update every four years prior to the Long Range Transportation Plan update.

Time Frame

20 years (2010-2030)

Geographic Scope

The geographic boundaries of the Chattanooga Regional ITS Architecture are the same as the Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia TPO. This includes all of Hamilton County TN and portions of Catoosa, Dade and Walker Counties in GA.

Service Scope

Identify services, functions and interfaces for ITS deployment and integration in the Chattanooga Region.