Inventory by Stakeholder

Each stakeholder is associated with one or more systems or "elements" that make up the regional transportation system. This table sorts the inventory by stakeholder, so each stakeholder can easily identify and review the information for all elements that they own and operate.

(No Stakeholder)GDOT Statewide Construction and Maintenance System
CARTA Care-A-Van Dispatch Center
CARTA Data Archive
CARTA Fixed Route Dispatch Center
CARTA Fixed-Route Vehicles
CARTA Paratransit Vehicles
CARTA Routing Application
CARTA Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
CARTA Transit Kiosks
CARTA Website
Electronic Fare Payment Card
Regional Transit Coordination Center
Catoosa CountyCatoosa County 911 Dispatch
Catoosa County EMA
Catoosa County Trans-AidCatoosa Trans-Aid Data Archive
Catoosa Trans-Aid Dispatch Center
Catoosa Trans-Aid Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
Catoosa Trans-Aid Vehicles
Catoosa Trans-Aid Website
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control BureauChattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Pollution Control Bureau Website
Chattanooga-Hamilton County Air Quality Sensors
Chattanooga-Hamilton County/North Georgia TPOCHC/NG TPO Information Research Division Data Archive
City of ChattanoogaCity of Chattanooga CCTV Cameras
City of Chattanooga City Engineers Office
City of Chattanooga City-Wide Services
City of Chattanooga City-Wide Services Vehicles
City of Chattanooga DMS
City of Chattanooga Field Sensors
City of Chattanooga Fire Vehicles
City of Chattanooga Police Department
City of Chattanooga Police Vehicles
City of Chattanooga Portable DMS
City of Chattanooga Rail Notification System
City of Chattanooga Road Closure Notification System
City of Chattanooga RWIS
City of Chattanooga Speed Monitoring Equipment
City of Chattanooga TOC
City of Chattanooga Traffic Signals
City of Chattanooga Website
City of ClevelandCity of Cleveland TOC
City of East RidgeCity of East Ridge CCTV Cameras
City of East Ridge Field Sensors
City of East Ridge Public Safety Vehicles
City of East Ridge TOC
City of East Ridge Traffic Signals
City of East Ridge Website
City of Red BankCity of Red Bank CCTV Cameras
City of Red Bank Field Sensors
City of Red Bank Public Safety Vehicles
City of Red Bank TOC
City of Red Bank Traffic Signals
City of Red Bank Website
City of Soddy DaisyCity of Soddy Daisy 911 Dispatch
City of Soddy Daisy CCTV Cameras
City of Soddy Daisy Field Sensors
City of Soddy Daisy Public Safety Vehicles
City of Soddy Daisy TOC
City of Soddy Daisy Traffic Signals
City of Soddy Daisy Website
Commercial Vehicle OperatorsCommercial Vehicles
Dade CountyDade County 911 Dispatch
Dade County EMA
Dade County TransitDade County Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
Dade County Transit Data Archive
Dade County Transit Dispatch Center
Dade County Transit Vehicles
Dade County Transit Website
Financial InstitutionFinancial Service Provider
GDOT District 6 Construction and Maintenance
GDOT District 6 Dalton Area Office
GDOT District 6 Dalton/Whitfield TCC
GDOT District 6 Engineers Office
GDOT Emergency Services Coordinator
GDOT Field Sensors
GDOT Maintenance Vehicles
GDOT Public Information Office
GDOT Smart Work Zone Equipment
GDOT Traffic Signals
Georgia 511 System
Georgia NaviGAtor System
Other GDOT District Construction and Maintenance
GSPGSP Troop A Dispatch
GSP Vehicles
Hamilton CountyHamilton County E911
Hamilton County EMA
Hamilton County EMS
Hamilton County Sheriff Vehicles
Hamilton County Sheriffs Office
MediaLocal Print and Broadcast Media
Municipal/County GovernmentMunicipal CCTV Cameras
Municipal Field Sensors
Municipal Police Department
Municipal Rail Notification System
Municipal TOC
Municipal Traffic Signals
Municipal/County Engineers Office
Municipal/County Maintenance
Municipal/County Maintenance Vehicles
Municipal/County Portable DMS
Municipal/County Public Safety Vehicles
Municipal/County RWIS
Municipal/County Website
NOAANational Weather Service
Other AgenciesOther Maintenance and Construction Management Agencies
Other Traffic Management Agencies
Private Information ProviderPrivate Sector Traveler Information Services
Social Networking Services
Rail OperatorsRail Operator Wayside Equipment
SETHRA Demand Response Transit Vehicles
SETHRA Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
SETHRA Transportation Dispatch Center
SETHRA Website
System UsersArchive Data User
Personal Computing Devices
Private Vehicle
Vehicle Operator
TDOTOther TDOT Region Construction Office
Other TDOT Region Maintenance
TDOT Changeable Speed Limit Signs
TDOT District Maintenance
TDOT Emergency Services Coordinator
TDOT Field Sensors
TDOT Fog Sensors
TDOT Fog Zone Speed Detection
TDOT HELP Vehicles
TDOT Maintenance Headquarters
TDOT Maintenance Vehicles
TDOT On-Ramp Closure Gates
TDOT Project Planning Division Archive
TDOT Public Information Office
TDOT Ramp Metering Equipment
TDOT Region 1 TMC - Knoxville
TDOT Region 2
TDOT Region 2 Construction Office
TDOT Region 2 Engineers Office
TDOT Region 2 HELP Dispatch
TDOT Region 2 Maintenance
TDOT Region 2 TMC - Chattanooga
TDOT Region 3 TMC - Nashville
TDOT Region 4 TMC - Memphis
TDOT Smart Work Zone Equipment
TDOT SmartWay Information System (TSIS)
TDOT SmartWay Website
TDOT Toll Plazas
Tennessee 511 IVR
Tennessee 511 System
Tennessee GoSmart Kiosks
Tennessee Bureau of InvestigationTennessee Bureau of Investigation
Tennessee Department of Health and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services
THPTHP CVO Enforcement
THP Dispatch
THP District 2 Office
THP Truck Weigh and Inspection Station
THP Vehicles
THP Weigh-in-Motion
TITAN Database
Walker CountyWalker County 911 Dispatch
Walker County EMA
Walker County TransitWalker County Transit Center CCTV Camera Surveillance
Walker County Transit Data Archive
Walker County Transit Dispatch Center
Walker County Transit Vehicles
Walker County Transit Website