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The Excellence Awards are based on three basic category types, they include:

  • Residential Development - includes both single-family, subdivisions and multi-family projects.
  • Commercial/ Office/Industrial Development - includes retail establishments, shopping centers, office buildings, office parks, manufacturing, warehousing, industrial parks and mixed use developments.
  • Other - includes, but is not limited to, the following: parks, infrastructure, schools, religious facilities, policy, planning, an organization and/or individual.

Based on submittals and levels of excellence presented, proposals may also be awarded in the following areas: Green Award, Adaptive Reuse/Renovation, Public Facility/Infrastructure, Leadership Award and/or any other mention deemed appropriate by the awards committee and based on the criteria and scoring procedure below.


Proposals are evaluated for their level of adherence to the following principles and/or standards:


  1. Quality of design, construction, and visual appeal
  2. Compatibility with neighboring land uses and character
  3. Addresses sustainability elements such as energy efficiency, water quality, waste reduction, etc.
  4. Creative management of traffic flow and other utility needs
  5. Innovative design or development concepts which are transferable to other projects or places
  6. Reflects adopted plans or policies
  7. Respect for the environment and conservation of resources, such as ridges, streams and open space, etc.
  8. Adds public space by creating vibrant and walkable, pedestrian-friendly places with connections to civic space and/or the public realm
  9. Utilization and/or promotion of multi-modal transportation alternatives
  10. Follows Best Management Practices and/or other standards applicable to field of interest or development type

Individuals and/or organizations

Recognition is given for a planning initiative or other development/preservation effort undertaken by an individual, community, neighborhood, citizens group, or other organization. This category focuses on stewardship, leadership and/or an outstanding effort made to improve the lives of others or address a particular need and as a result has advanced or promoted good planning and development in the community. Nominations will be reviewed for the following qualities:

  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Skills and/or Experience
  • Stewardship - commitment to social, economic and/or environmental sustainability


All projects will be scored on a scale of 1 to 10 (1= “Not applicable” & 10 = “Excellent example”) for a potential 100 point total score*. Depending on applicability, one of the two selection criteria above will be used for all categories. Every effort will be made to ensure that scoring for each submittal will be applied consistently with the above criteria serving as general principles. These principles represent the essential factors that make up an outstanding project, body of work and/or development.

* Scoring for “Individuals and/or Organizations” will be based on a system of a total 100 points with each of the above representing 20% of the final score.


Projects are judged by a group of planning professionals from the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency staff. After initial scoring, the top ranked applications are forwarded for review by the planning staff to determine final award winners. Decisions are based on completeness of application, scores, and overall level of representation of good planning, design and development for the community.


Winners are to be notified by phone and letter prior to the April Planning Commission meeting and invited to attend the meeting. Elected officials of related jurisdictions are to be notified by letter or email.

A copy of the winners, including a picture and notable characteristics, will be included in the April Planning Commission agenda packet. Publication and promotion of the winners will include posting to the website and other community venues.


To be considered for the 2010 Excellence Awards, the project, plan, individual or organization must be located in the boundaries of the RPA and the TPO. The Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) covers the northern portions of Catoosa, Walker, and Dade counties in Georgia, the RPA’s Land Use Planning Boundary lies within Hamilton County. Please see the following map for the applicable boundaries. The project must also have been within the last two years. The project must be fully completed to be considered.

Map of award eligibility boundaries.


Submission for nomination- Currently Closed


Nomination Application Form PDF

Submit nomination applications and images to:

Chattanooga - Hamilton County
Regional Planning Agency
c/o Hobert Brabson
1250 Market Street, Suite 2000
Chattanooga , TN  37402



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