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Change to Zoning Application Process

The Regional Planning Agency (RPA) will be executing a change to its zoning application review procedures (City of Chattanooga/Unincorporated Hamilton County) to ensure that applicants have the opportunity to consult with RPA planners prior to formally submitting their rezoning applications on the 10th of every month.  This change will not apply to rezoning requests for R-1 (single family), A-1, mandatory referrals, single-wide manufactured home permits, or closures/abandonments.

  • This policy will be effective October 11th for cases to be submitted on the November 10th deadline.
  • The RPA staff has set aside two half-days for pre-application meetings (9 – 11am on the 3rd Thursday, and 1:00 – 3:30pm on the 4th Thursday) each month. 
  • To assist in making this transition, there will be a three month grace period for the November through January application deadlines.  During this grace period, staff will provide for exceptions when applicants are not able to attend a meeting prior to the application deadline.

  • To schedule a pre-application meeting, contact the Development Services Office at 423.643.5902. 



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