supplement environmental project (sep)

The City of Chattanooga is undertaking an urban water quality and green infrastructure retrofit/redevelopment project in the Brainerd Midtown section of the city. This project is partially funded through a Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) to satisfy the state of Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Commissioner’s order.  There are three major tasks, including Green Infrastructure Strategic Plan Development, Engineering Site Plans Development and Education and Public Outreach Activities

The first stakeholder meeting was held September 16, 2011.

The City has selected a consultant team that includes ARCADIS, Meliora, Andropogon, and Red Oak to assist in the execution of the plan.  Chattanooga is committed to leading the nation’s urban areas in the integration of stormwater management, green infrastructure and community revitalization. The SEP for The Green Infrastructure Retrofit Project for the Brainerd (Midtown) Community will provide a model for retrofitting entire city districts with innovative green infrastructure systems, while simultaneously addressing the social, cultural and economic issues and characteristic of each designated district.

Brainerd SEP proposal 4-11-11


brainerd road Corridor Master plan

On April 18, 2008 City of Chattanooga Councilwoman Carol Berz held the first of many District 6 Summits. These summits are used as a way discuss economic development and quality of life issues affecting District 6 with various community members, business owners, property owners, developers, investors, and City of Chattanooga Department officials.

As these summits evolved it became apparent that many development activities were occurring at different locations and committees should be formed to discuss how these development activities could best work together.

On July 14, 2009 a planning session was held with community members, and stakeholders to discuss activity updates on the following:

Eastgate Town Center

Eastgate Library (a branch of the Chattanooga‐Hamilton County Bicentennial Library)

Brainerd Mission

Urban Century Institute

Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport

Corridor Improvements (Sidewalks and Public Art)

Brainerd Master Plan

Comments and suggestions obtained during this planning session were recorded and put into illustrative artistic renderings by Mike Lane from Artech Design Group, Jon Coddington from the RiverCity Company, and David Barlew Jr, from David Barlew Architects to create the Brainerd Road Corridor Master Plan. The proposed Master Plan for the Brainerd Corridor was presented to the public at the District 6 Summit held on Friday, October 23, 2009.

Brainerd Master Plan...a vision for Today 12-10-09


Brainerd road development policies

The development policies of this document are meant to serve as a guide in conjunction with existing development regulations for non-residential and multiple dwelling developments located in the policy boundary area.  Currently, many of the adopted development regulations do not promote the development pattern or the development and re-development vision of the Brainerd A Vision for Today Master Plan.


The Brainerd Road Development Policies encourages connectivity through the installation of sidewalks and streetscaping, establishing a maximum front yard setback so that buildings will be built closer to Brainerd Road to define a visual edge, and recommending the installation of monument/ground signs. 


The Brainerd Road Development Policies will be placed on the December 13, 2010 agenda of the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Commission on the 4th floor of the Hamilton County Courthouse at 625 Georgia Avenue in Room 402 beginning at 1:00 p.m.  

Brainerd Road Development Policies


District 6 Summit's

Starting in April 2008 Councilwoman Berz held summits for District 6.  In attendance at these summits were key representatives from various departments of the City of Chattanooga, Chamber of Commerce, CARTA, and the Chattanooga Airport Authority.   In addition, key developers, investors, architects, business owners, real estate agents and neighborhood leaders were present at these meetings. 

An executive summary of each of the District 6 Summit’s is provided.   

April 18, 2008

June 05, 2008

August 22, 2008

November 07, 2008

January 29, 2009


Adopted land use plans

The following neighborhood or area land use plans have been completed and adopted by the Chattanooga City Council for the general area along Brainerd Road.  

Brainerd Town Center Plan-Adopted May 1998

Brainerd Town Center Update-July 2006

Brainerd Hills Neighborhood Plan-May 2002

North Brainerd Area Plan-July 2004


other planning efforts

The Regional Planning Agency was requested to prepare a conceptual streetscape and/or revitalization plan for the Brainerd Road Corridor, as well as renderings for the Brainerd Mission Park, and the former Target Site.    

These plans have not been submitted for adoption to the Chattanooga-Hamilton Regional Planning Commission, or the Chattanooga City Council.

Brainerd Road Corridor

Brainerd Road Sidewalk Improvements

Brainerd Road Lee Highway Revitalization Plan

Brainerd Road Study 2004

Brainerd Mission Park

Target Site Rendering



Airport Draft Master Plan