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The Downtown Form-Based Code was adopted on June 21, 2016 and became effective on Jul y 5, 2016. Now that the FBC has been in place for one year, the Director of the City’s Land Development Office and the Regional Planning Agency have conducted a review of the standards and permitting process.

Amendments to the FBC (link below) are being proposed based on the following:

  1. A survey of Applicants who have submitted projects under the FBC ;
  2. A survey of the Neighborhood Associations affected by the FBC;
  3. Questions raised during Staff Consultations with Applicants;
  4. Analysis of cases submitted; and
  5. Analysis of Major Modifications requested of the FBC Committee.



The tentative schedule for the adoption of these proposed changes is as follows:

November 7           FBC Committee and Staff brief City Council

December 11        Planning Commission action

January 2018        City Council action

FBC Staff

All Form-Based Code questions should now be directed to:

Emily Dixon

City Website

Information regarding the FBC boundary, submittal requirements, and FBC Committee Meetings can now be accessed on the City of Chattanooga’s website.




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